Free Will vs Determinism

Roundtable discussion: With the ITLAD Walker / Open Minds discussion group, based in Liverpool, UK. Present in the discussion is the consciousness theorist and author, Anthony Peake.

Is free will possible or simply an illusion? For an introduction to the topic, see Neuroscience, free will and determinism: ‘I’m just a machine’.

Science’s War on Consciousness

Roundtable discussion: With the ITLAD Walker / Open Minds discussion group, based in Liverpool, UK.

Has the mindset of science seeped too far into the wider consciousness, displacing meaningful mythologies for what is only a method of inquiry, and sending individuals on philosophical quests that never conclude?  Could the search for objectivity actively work against the ‘higher faculties’ of our own subjective selves?

The title here is lightheartedly taken from two recent TED Talks, which the organisation saw fit to ban, an act perhaps illustrative of the scientific mindset’s immune system. These were Rupert Sheldrake’s ‘The Science Delusion’, which introduces the case that science has become a world-view with its own dogmas, and Graham Hancock’s ‘The War on Consciousness’, which argued for the necessity for both the individual, and culture at a global level, to reconnect with what the ancients and the aboriginal call ‘spirit’.

Interview with a Psychic Vampire

psy vamp john picAn interview with John, a man in his early thirties from Leicester, UK, who claims to have “awakened” as a psychic vampire in 2001. John currently lives in Nottingham where he is studying for a career in health and social care.

We talk about the incident that brought this change. How he began to see energy. Feeding and how anyone can do it. The different kinds of vampires. Chi / prana / life force. Mesmerism. Evidence from Kirlian photography. How it feels to feed. Hunting. Astral parasites. “Dynamic Energy Exchange”. How feeding is natural and everyone does it. Vampiric elitism. What happens when feeding is neglected. Blood drinkers. The artist Alex Grey and his out-of-body LSD experience of parasitic deities and demons. John’s own experiences on the astral plane. What happens between lives and reincarnation.


The paranormal researcher Jonathan Zap on YouTube discussing the artist Alex Grey’s out-of-body LSD vision of parasitic deities and demons.