Anthony Peake – Our Pineal Gland and The Infinite Mindfield

With the announcement earlier this year from Dr Rick Strassman’s research foundation regarding the discovery of DMT in the pineal glands of live rats, modern science took a huge step forward in the understanding of this gland.

But, according to the consciousness theorist, Anthony Peake, the pineal’s central role in transcendent experience has long been known by the world’s esoteric religious traditions, often venerated as the ‘third eye’ that needs to be opened in order to see the inner worlds of the mystic.

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Ramez Naam – The Transhuman Mind Meld

RamezNaamRamez Naam is the author of two SF books – Nexus and Crux – dealing with a mind linking nano-drug that he believes is theoretically possible. He is also the author of the non-fiction books More Than Human – Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement and, his latest on the power of innovation, The Infinite Resource – The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet.

Ramez serves on the advisory board of the Institute for Accelerating Change, is a Senior Associate of the Foresight Institute, is a member of the World Future Society and is a fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

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Can’t Cyborgs Have a Soul?

Roundtable discussion: With the ITLAD Walker / Open Minds discussion group based in Liverpool, UK.

What are the dangers to humanity as we move into an ever more technologised world? Do we risk the neglect of some latent ‘psycho-spiritual’ dimension? Or could the modern machine world be as natural as everything that has gone before?

Tony Cawley – The Language of the Soul

tony cawleyAn interview with the unconventional psychotherapist, Tony Cawley.

Subjects discussed: Tony’s training in hypno-psychotherapy and the evolution of his method, especially his work in developing what he calls ‘The universal language of the soul’, with which he finds a way to mediate between his clients and their own unconscious. Psychological blockages and how to remove them. The essential / authentic self. Conditioning, editing the self and role-playing. Tony’s disillusion with the education system and mainstream science. The psychological malaise of modern Western society and the coming crisis as ‘soulfulness’ reasserts itself.

Tony is based in Liverpool, UK and can be contacted on +44 151 727 1485. He is available for phone / Skype and in person consultations.

Of Daemons and the Demonic: A Look at Consciousness Beyond the Corporeal

Roundtable discussion: With the ITLAD Walker / Open Minds discussion group, based in Liverpool, UK.

For most of its history, humankind has believed it is not alone, that there are beings that exist but are never – or rarely ever – seen. Spirits, pixies, elves, angels, devas, elementals, entities, daemons, demons …

Today, modern culture has been encouraged to believe only in the seen and the measurable. But is this an error?

What about intuition, imagination and inspiration, for example? From where do such insights originate? Solely the brain or from beyond?

‘It gradually unfolds and develops itself; you feel a slight electric shock strike your head and at the same time seize you at the heart; that is the moment of genius.’ George Louis de Buffon, mathematician and epileptic, as quoted in The Daemon, by Anthony Peake.

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