Katarina Phang – The Shadow, Trump and Feminine Magnetism

Katarina Phang, a.k.a. “The Man Whisperer”, is a sought after dating and relationship coach, with an unconventional approach focusing on developing in her clients what she calls “feminine magnetism”.

She is the author of He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready: The Ultimate Guide of Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men or Guys Who Want To Take It Slow.

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The “Internal Family Systems” of the Mind

conor wall
Conor McMillen

Right at this moment a part of you wants to read this and another part of you wants to do something else. Notice that? You may even notice several parts of you that have already come up with ideas of what else they would like to be doing. Maybe one wants to check your email account, another wants to eat, while another wants to shut off the computer, run outside and dance in the streets. What if we view these parts for what they are: distinct and very real members of your system, each with their own needs, wants, desires, memories and narratives?

The brain functions as a multiple system, using parallel processing. This same mode of processing is used by computer engineers solving complex problems. They have discovered that using multiple computers to run the same problem is much more effective than having one single computer running that problem. These different computers, or parts, of our brain are constantly running, side by side, the same “problem” that is life. They often have different ideas about how to proceed, but the intention is always based in keeping the system surviving and in an ideal state, thriving.

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Tony Cawley – The Language of the Soul

tony cawleyAn interview with the unconventional psychotherapist, Tony Cawley.

Subjects discussed: Tony’s training in hypno-psychotherapy and the evolution of his method, especially his work in developing what he calls ‘The universal language of the soul’, with which he finds a way to mediate between his clients and their own unconscious. Psychological blockages and how to remove them. The essential / authentic self. Conditioning, editing the self and role-playing. Tony’s disillusion with the education system and mainstream science. The psychological malaise of modern Western society and the coming crisis as ‘soulfulness’ reasserts itself.

Tony is based in Liverpool, UK and can be contacted on +44 151 727 1485. He is available for phone / Skype and in person consultations.