Sarah Rose Bright – Sex Coaching: From Shame to Shamanism

sarah rose bright

Sarah Rose Bright is a sex coach far beyond the vanilla kind.

“Conventional sex therapy just deals with talking,” she explained in a recent interview with The Eternities podcast. “A lot of people carry a lot of fear, a lot of shame and tension, and all sorts of things that are difficult to address with talking only. For many people, a more practical approach can take them a lot further.”

Sarah’s own life was transformed via an intensive course of sexual self-development that began with her attendance on a Tantra workshop for her thirtieth birthday. Instantly, she knew she had found her calling and rapidly¬†began learning her new trade to help others find similar healing and transformation.

She now has more than ten years experience as a somatic sex coach and sex educator, with training in sexological bodywork, NLP, Tantra, shamanism, and Taoism, and the tutelage of sexual pioneers such as Dr Patti Britton, Barbara Carrellas and Joseph Kramer.

“We’re taught such a limited slice of what’s possible with our sexuality and our sexual energy,” said Sarah. “The Taoists and Tantrikas for thousands of years have been using these practices. [Such practices are] more and more coming into western culture because what we’re taught is limited.. We can experience so much more, which can really affect not just the quality of our sexual relationships and our relationships with ourselves, but also our everyday lives as well.”

Some of the topics discussed in the podcast include: the main sexual hang-ups Sarah encounters in her work; sexual shame; the healing power of sexuality; sexological bodywork; the importance of deep relaxation; ecstasy and body dissolution; and, erotic trance states.

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