Katarina Phang – The Shadow, Trump and Feminine Magnetism

Katarina Phang, a.k.a. “The Man Whisperer”, is a sought after dating and relationship coach, with an unconventional approach focusing on developing in her clients what she calls “feminine magnetism”.

She is the author of He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready: The Ultimate Guide of Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men or Guys Who Want To Take It Slow.

In this podcast we discuss the psychological concept of “the shadow”, which has become a key to her work, as well as how this theme has informed her recent political writings on social media, which have critiqued the left and its reaction to “the Trump phenomenon”.We also talk of her 2015 “enlightenment” experience and how this has informed her subsequent perspective upon personal development, relationships and society.

She describes her approach as involving the focusing of her clients upon performing inner work, shifting their focus from the external and the men they might want. “Once a woman surrenders to her feminine energy, focuses on her own happiness and drops all expectations when it comes to men, everything else will take care of itself,” she says.

Phang also reaches a male audience. Text on her website proclaims, “Nowadays most of her male audience commends her acute understanding of how a man thinks and acts. They like what she has to say about men without the blaming and shaming they often hear from women.”

Phang lives in San Diego but coaches people from all over the world.


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