Graham Nicholls – Out-of-Body Evidence and Ecstasy

Graham Nicholls returned to The Eternities podcast to talk about his recent contribution to Consciousness Beyond the Body (edited by Alexander De Foe), a free e-book aiming to be the definitive work on the scientific research and theory around the out-of-body experience (OBE), with contributions from Anthony Peake, Robert Waggoner, Jurgen Ziewe and other experts in the field.

The discussion ranged across the differences between lucid dreaming and the out-of-body experience, ruminations on the deeper meanings of the experience, similarities to psychedelic experiences, the difficulties involved in scientific research of the phenomenon and Nicholls’ experiences collaborating in a study of psychokinesis with famed psi researcher Dean Radin. He also touched upon the practical courses he has developed to entrain the OBE experience in others.

Nicholls also discussed some of his most intriguing experiences, including his ‘game-changer’ experience that involved visiting a location that he was later able to physically visit and an ecstatic experience which he described as ‘connecting to a million minds at once’.

Books by Graham Nicholls

Avenues of the Human Spirit

Navigating the Out-Of-Body Experience: Radical New Techniques

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