Dean Radin – Supernormal

Spiritual gurus have often warned against disturbing those still “deep in role” with reminders of their transcendent nature. There is a reason for what Alan Watts called “the taboo against knowing who you are”, and this evasion from ultimate truth, they say, is all part of the divine play.

Dean Radin, the famous researcher into psychic phenomena and Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), feels no such compunction, at least when dealing with those unenlightened scientists still happily ploughing reductive-materialist furrows.

In his latest book, Supernormal – Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities, Radin asks if humankind possesses latent psychic potential, presenting supportive new evidence that he argues both challenges the assumptions of mainstream science and also suggests an underpinning reality in tune with the insights of the mystic.

He told The Eternities podcast, “In some cases we can say that the basic doctrines [of science] are wrong. There is good reason to be very cautious about dropping any of those assumptions, but some of them we know are wrong. If we can find ways to replace our existing assumptions that would be a major advancement in science.”

Speaking of his famous “Electrodermal Presentiments of Future Emotions” experiments, which, he argues, demonstrated precognition, he said, “Maybe what we’re seeing physiologically here is a reflection of some aspect of consciousness which is … actually not in time in the usual way we think of it. Our bodies are in time … but there is something about our subjective sense that doesn’t seem to be in that same place. From a physics perspective, people who don’t know about physics will say, ‘Well this is impossible because it violates physics’. Well, the fact is, it doesn’t violate anything in physics. It’s just a strange way of thinking about physics as being applied to your experience.”

He went on, “I think that we’re probably within twenty to fifty years of getting explanations that most scientists will say, ‘Okay now I see that this is plausible’. That is because of the gigantic change in physics in terms of our understanding the nature of physicality and space and time, based on quantum mechanics. The more we look into it, the stranger it becomes. [O]ur understanding of physicality itself was not quite right.”


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