Anthony Peake – Our Pineal Gland and The Infinite Mindfield

With the announcement earlier this year from Dr Rick Strassman’s research foundation regarding the discovery of DMT in the pineal glands of live rats, modern science took a huge step forward in the understanding of this gland.

But, according to the consciousness theorist, Anthony Peake, the pineal’s central role in transcendent experience has long been known by the world’s esoteric religious traditions, often venerated as the ‘third eye’ that needs to be opened in order to see the inner worlds of the mystic.

In his forthcoming book, The Infinite Mindfield – The Quest to Find the Gateway to Higher Consciousness (published: October 1), Peake takes the reader on a journey that begins with this seemingly modest little gland in the brain, to range across the cosmos, across human history, down into the microcosm of human DNA and neurology, and on towards an astonishing conclusion that is both ancient and timeless.

He told The Eternities podcast, “I spun off into so many different areas! It was an adventure. It was absolutely fantastic. I was completely exhausted when I finished it.”

In the interview, Our Pineal Gland and The Infinite Mindfield, he talked about his own first hand experience with the Hypnagogic Light Device, an invention theorised to stimulate DMT release. He also outlined evidence for the pineal gland’s veneration in religious tradition, beginning with the Sumerians and Egyptians, linking Zoroastrianism, Vedantistism, Tibetan Buddhism and the Ancient Greek Elusian mysteries. Peake ultimately draws a theoretical conclusion involving entheogens, bioluminescence, DNA and the Zero Point Field.

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