Andrew Clover - Novelist's Near Death Experience

Aug 18, 2014 by Martin Higgins

Andrew Clover is a writer, newspaper columnist and film and TV actor.

His latest novel, The Things I’d Miss, is inspired by an accident he experienced during which he says he found himself outside of his body, travelling instantly between his children in two locations, and reviewing moments from his life.


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Human Plus - Audiobook Part One

Aug 12, 2013 by Martin Higgins

The first part of Human+ by Martin Higgins.

“A science-fiction page-turner inspired by futures studies, psychic spy research, and the transhumanist movement” –

Human+ examines the intersection between technological materialism and the latent potential of human consciousness, touching upon many of the themes discussed in The Eternities podcast.

“Human+ is the lightning rod of a new genre … Psychic Fiction! It races into a dazzling-but-believable future that is more than just a possibility” – Robert Bruce, author of Astral Dynamics

The novel is available as a paperback and ebook from Amazon.


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Graham Nicholls - Navigating the Out of Body Experience

Aug 8, 2013 by Martin Higgins

Graham Nicholls claims to have experienced hundreds of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) since his first spontaneous one at twelve years old. Over the years he has sought to hone the art in his efforts to increase the number of his own experiences and their attainability for others. Graham has for several years offered one-on-one coaching and in 2012 published Navigating the Out of Body Experience, detailing his techniques alongside an exploration of the science and philosophy of the area, as well as what to expect from an experience.

In the podcast, Graham discussed the idea of the OBE as taking place within “the extended mind”; his holistic, multi-disciplinary approach; the psychological and energetic benefits; the interviewer’s own experiences with OBEs, influencing his novel, Human+; the three main impediments to having an experience; Graham’s telepathy experiments with Rupert Sheldrake; and veridical evidence for OBEs.


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Of Daemons and the Demonic: A Look at Consciousness Beyond the Corporeal

May 14, 2013 by Martin Higgins

Roundtable. Humankind has long believed it is not alone – angels, elementals, entities, demons … In modernity, we trust only the seen and the measurable. But is this an error? What about intuition, imagination and inspiration, for example? From where do such insights originate, solely the brain, or from beyond?


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